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NS Liberal Party @NSLiberalAnd cider and spirit sales are increasing too with local drinks increasing 83.7% ($2.9m) and locally made spirits up 130.8% ($3.5m) 4/43 days ago 1 0
NS Liberal Party @NSLiberalSales of local craft beer are up 34.2% (10.2 million), a significant increase. 3/43 days ago 0 0
NS Liberal Party @NSLiberalLocal wine was up 3.9% (9.9 million) and commercially made wine was up 3.6% (22.5 million) 2/43 days ago 0 2


Nova Scotia Liberal Party

Nova Scotia Liberal Party

NSLC released their year-end results on June 20 and it’s been a great year for Nova Scotian product. Local grape made wine and commercial grape made wine sales were up, as well as local craft beer, cider and spirits have all increased. We’re proud of the investments the Liberal government has made and look forward to more growth in these industries.

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